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Language Classes



The Nordic School offers Danish, Swedish and Norwegian children language classes in their mother tongue. The purpose of the language classes is to maintain and support the language skills the children already have in their mother tongue. The Swedish language classes are taught after Skolverkets curriculum. The Danish and Norwegian children have study plans made by the teachers.

For the Danish and Norwegian children, the lessons are one and a half hour per week.For the Swedish children the lessons are two hours per week. Teachers are paid for teaching the class and preparation for the lessons. 


Criteria for attending language classes:

The child must be 6 years old.

One parent should be speaking the language in question.

The language should be used actively in the child’s home.

August-December 2017




Yellow group 15.00-16.00

Blue group 16.00-18.00



Yellow group 15.00-16.00

Orange goup 16.00-18.00



Tuesday: Group 1, 15.00-16.30, Group 2, 16.30-18.00



No class at the time being



Fees for School Year 2017/18:


Due to the difference in financial support for language classes in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, the fees will not be the same.

Denmark: USD $370

Norway: USD $370

Sweden: Paid by the Swedish government.

* Swedish children who wish to attend classes for less than 6 months or who are NOT registered under Skolverket will pay their own fees.


The fees cover salary for the teachers, books and other materials.


NB. Classes are subject to the availability of teachers and a minimum of 3 students in each class.

We therefore encourage parents to sign their children up for the classes as early as possible. 


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