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  Photo L.M Johannessen
Photo L.M Johannessen


Nordic School Menu August 2015



Monday - Main meal - Noodle soup with focacia bread                                                                                                 Pre-school afternoon snack- Pancakes and fruits                                                                                                                 

Tuesday -Main meal - Pizza, carrots & cucumber sticks                                                                                                 Pre-school afternoon snack - Yoghurt & fruit                                                                                                                         

Wednesday - Main meal - Beef Stroganoff, carrots/cucumber/broccoli sticks                                                                Pre-school afternoon snack- Carrot bread with butter and jam                                                                                            

Thursday - Main meal- Vegetarian pilau & kachumbari  salad                                                                                   Pre-school afternoon snack- Mandazi & fruit                                                                                                                      

Friday-Main meal - Ugali with king fish, carrot & cucumber sticks                                                                               Pre-school afternoon snack -Ice-cream & fruit                                                                                                                      


Monday -Main meal - Tomato soup, pasta & bread rolls

Pre-school afternoon snack- Waffles & fruit


Tuesday -Main meal - Chili con carne, rice & salad

Pre-school afternoon snack - Squash bread with butter, fruit


Wednesday -Lunch - Oven-grilled chicken, chips, carrots & cucumber & broccoli

pre-school - Yoghurt and fruit


Thursday -Main meal - Rice and beans in coconut sauce, salad

Pre-school afternoon snack - Sausage rolls and fruits


Friday -Main meal - Lasagna, green salad

Pre-school afternoon snack - Cinnamon rolls, fruit



Monday -Main meal - Chicken and vegetables soup with chapati                                                                            Pre-school afternoon snack - Whole wheat bread, butter and fruits                                                                                    

Tuesday - Main meal - Pytt-i-panna, cucumber & carrots sticks    

 Pre-school afternoon snack- Yoghurt, fruit                                                                                                                            

Wednesday -Main meal - Chicken pilau, kachumbari                                                                                                Pre-school afternoon snack - Brown bread with liver pate`                                                                                                 

Thursday - Main meal -Fish cakes with rice and coconut sauce, broccoli / carrots/ cucumber sticks        

 Pre-school afternoon snack- Mandazi & fruit                                                                                                                        

Friday - Main meal - Sloppy Joe with bread rolls and cheese, fresh tomato salad                                

 Pre-school afternoon snack- Chocolate cake                



Monday -Main meal - Carrot soup, with pasta & bread 

Pre-school afternoon snack- Whole wheat bread, butter & fruit


Tuesday -Main meal - Chicken in coconut sauce, rice and fried bananas as veg. side dish

 Pre-school afternoon snack- Yoghurt & fruit


 Wednesday -Main meal - Spaghetti bolognaise, broccoli & carrots & cucumber

 Pre-school afternoon snack - Bread rolls with cream "Happy Cow" cheese


Thursday -Main meal - Macaroni-n-sausage gratin, sallad

Pre-school afternoon snack - Carrots bread, honey and fruit


Friday -Main meal - Fish fingers, chips, carrots/cucumber/broccoli sticks

  Pre-school afternoon snack- Ice-cream, fruits